●  Head and neck surgery

●  ear weighing

●  Throat and larynx treatment



Head and neck surgery

Rhinoplasty surgery  
  • Cosmic nasal surgery

  • reduce in bigger nose

  • to reduce in nostril nose

  • to carry up nose point

  • nose surgery

  • removal of nasal obstruction

  • opening of sinuses air way

  • tumor removal surgery

Facial plastic surgery
  • Remove eyelid wrinkles

  • face lifting surgeries


Functional nasal surgery
  • nasal septal surgeries and reconstruction of nasal obstruction and hoarseness treatment

  • Removing the headaches related to nasal obstruction

  • dilatation of sinus air ways.

  • nasal polyps and tumor removal surgeries


Ear weighing

all beloved test will take in our ear clinic
Ear Mould A.B.R


Tinnitus Evalu T.D.T S.R.T  
E.T.F A.B.L.B S.D.S  
S.R.T Reflex Decay T.Y.M  
Lombard Hearing aid evalu A.R.T  

With modernist tools

agency Germany Zimens co.

sale and fixed ear trun pet

all type of analog and digital

maker mould of ear-trun pet

hear weighing test

Throat and larynx treatment


  • endoscopic surgery

  • opening of sinus air ways

  • surgery of sinus and tumors

  • removal shedding tears ease

  • mouth and pharynx surgery

  • salivary gland surgery


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